Fire and Draft Stop Protection

When constructing your house, among the items you’re likely to need to check extensively through the framing stage of construction will be that the fire- and – draft-stops are set up as needed.

The main reason behind fire stopping is a portion of the modern construction codes isn’t an accident or a workout to waste timber. A lot of individuals have died and many others have been severely hurt in old structures which did not possess this very simple framing part set up as the home was constructed. Contemporary construction methods create powerful immediate fire quitting or fire cubes. The constant top and bottom wall plates in the ends of both wall studs make this life threatening feature.

After a wall has been coated with drywall and then plywood/OSB on either side, the covering cloth generates different sealed bubbles between each stud cavity. Nothing could get from 1 stud pit to another unless you cut out a hole into either a wall stud or on the upper and bottom wall plates.

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Checklist for flame- and – draft-stop if constructing your own home.

  • 9-foot walls and taller — strong blocking in every studbay of the top half of this wall
  • Furrdowns — typical location is in kitchen cabinet tops when the venthood is directly into the outside
  • Return air ducts
  • Fireplace & Baths — install at first- and – second-floor topplates.
  • Cricket must be fireblocked from the loft.
  • Maintain 2″ between chimney flue and combustibles
  • Stair well — Concealed distances between stringers in the top & bottom of run
  • Vents, pipes & Valve (at floor and ceiling flat)
  • Covered stroll between home and detached garage – at garage end or mid-span to home.