Construction Final Grade

When you are getting towards the final stages of building a house, you will come to the stage when the yard is ready for final grade. It is in your best interest to perform the final grade after the underground utilities are installed, trenches backfilled and compacted, and the lot has been completely cleaned of trash and construction debris. It is going to be very typical for the construction grading contractor to require you to furnish the sand necessary to grade the yard smoothly, while the contractor provides the required grading equipment. Also, as a best practice, regardless of loan type, your lot should be graded to FHA standards.
During the final grading process, the contractor contours the lot to drain to the nearest approved storm water conveyance (the standard drainage plan is going to be front-to-back, but it is important to check your neighborhood guidelines). Grading is accomplished to assure the minimum slab exposure required (8″ in siding areas/6″ in bricked areas) with an additional 6″ of fall required within 10 feet of the foundation perimeter. Additional contouring is required for soil abutting all flatwork (entry walks, stoop, patios, etc … ) to ensure proper drainage away from the slab. Sand is spread evenly over the graded yard using both tractor and hand-grading methods. Hand grading is mandatory next to the slab and all other areas on the lot inaccessible to the tractor.