Final Grade Checklist

When you are working with a grading contractor, it is going to be important to check the quality of the work that they have provided you with prior to you releasing payment to the contractor. A quality check is important to ensuring long-term enjoyment of your yard. The most important part about the final grade is ensuring that water does not sit around the base of your home, ponds do not develop after rains, and that the drainage is positively away from your foundation. The checklist provided is a great resource for checking the quality of the work that your grading contractor has performed.

  • Inspect for 8″ slab exposure in siding areas and 6″ in brick areas. Check all exterior walls of home (fig 7-1).
  • Inspect fix 6″ fall within 10 feet of Ihe foundation perimeter.
  • Use the grading tool to verify gradient. Check all exterior walls of home (fig 7 -1).
  • Check for proper drainage.
  • Check hand-graded areas next to slab, flatwork and all inaccessible areas are complete.
  • Check for no damage to flatwork.
  • Check for no damage to gutter downspouts/elbows (if previously installed).
  • Grading Tool Used in Siding & Brick Areas.
  • Check for no damage to AC condenser, AC pad, or home.
  • Check splashblocks installed, if applicable.
  • Check water meter box set level with finished grade.
  • Check street is clean at curbside. Restore silt fence if a delay greater than 24 hours is expected before placing sod