Installing Temporary Electric

Temporary Electric

At this stage of construction you should contact the electric subcontractor that you have selected and have them set up the temporary electrical pole to offer electricity for the company that is providing the building services. Commonly that is a 4″x4″ post using a location for the electric company to set up a meter and then a pair of recepticals for electricity usage. You should start this process at least two weeks before the intended start of building to allow the meter business time to put in the temporary electric meter. Typically this step is going to likely be the first of inspections that will take place throughout construction. Speak to the neighborhood city review department and also prepare the temporary electric inspection. Inspections are generally scheduled the day before the inspection. You should also release the water meter at the time to permit time for your water meter to arrive before the installment of this plumbing rough. The pipes will approach before you know it and you will require water to fill out the pipes. More about this can be found in the plumbing article.